Consultation on Inclusive Education: Civil Society Day 2016 Outcomes

civil-society-day-2016The Civil Society Day, co-organised by the European Commission Directorate General for Education, Culture, Youth and Sports and the Lifelong Learning Platform, was held on 19 October in Brussels, as introduction to the Education, Training and Youth Forum (20-21 October).

This year’s focus was on “Inclusive education”, a concept that reveals the transformative effect of education on society as a whole. However, this effect requires mainstreaming the concept through all areas of education, involving the many educational actors – representing formal, non-formal and informal sectors – in a dialogue with the institutions to develop effective educational policies.
Participants reflected on the meaning of inclusiveness in education through the prism of learning objectives, content and methods; learning environments and their link with the non- formal sector; the role of educators and school leaders; and finally, seeking the optimal governance system to ensure a comprehensive approach.

The key messages are available in the Civil Society Day 2016 – Inclusive Education Consultation Outcomes

Consumer Classroom Inter-school Competition 2016-2017

consumer classroomNowadays, pupils are familiar with the global fight against climate change towards a more sustainable world. Many of them are wise consumers in the fight against this world challenge, they have learned how to minimize waste and save water.
But are they aware of their impact as energy consumers? Young people won’t become wise consumers unless they learn how to improve their energy consumption.
The aim of this competition is to bring together secondary school teachers in Europe to create an innovative online project with their students on “Smart Energy Consumption”. So find out more, spread the word and register before 17 March 2017.

IH Sonnenberg: Call for participants Girls* specific youth education international

girlsworkOur member Internationales Haus Sonnenberg is looking for participants from Turkey, Ireland, Italy, Czech Republic, Croatia, Sweden and Germany for the multinational conference  ”Girls* specific youth education international” from December 9th to 12th 2016 in Sankt Andreasberg (Germany).

The target group are female* staff working in institutions focusing on  girls* work and girls*empowerment, pedagogues, multipliers of out of school education, teachers and interested female* students.
The conference is the final event of the project “Sound it out 2016 – European perspectives on gender equality and girls* specific youth education” and is funded by Erasmus Plus.
Please find below the invitation and programme for the conference:

IH-Sonnenberg Invitation and Programme for Conference Girlswork international 2016

For any further information please get in contact with Lea Pahl; phone  +49 5582 944 115

Education and Training Monitor 2016

education-and-training-monitor-2016The Education and Training Monitor is an annual publication that captures the evolution of education and training in the EU. It contributes to the objectives of the EU strategic framework for cooperation in education and training, the overall Commission’s strategy for growth and employment and the European Semester cycle of economic policy co-ordination.

The Monitor charts EU and country progress towards:

  • Europe 2020 targets on early school leaving and tertiary educational attainment
  • Education and Training 2020 benchmarks in participation in early childhood education and care, adult learning, underachievement in basic skills, and employability of recent graduates
  • Cross-cutting priority themes, such as financing of education and professional development of teachers

The Education and Training Monitor 2016 is available online accompanied by 28 in-depth country reports and numerous interactive maps.

Education and Training Monitor 2016

Read the Lifelong Learning Platforms Press Release on the Education and Training Monitor 2016

EUNET welcomes three new members

EUNET General Assembly 2016On the occasion of the General Assembly 2016 in St Julians the members of EUNET accepted the applications of the following three organisations to become new members of EUNET:

RO – EUROLINK – House of Europe Foundation
D – Europahaus Marburg-Biedenkopf
F – Maison de l’Europe de Tours Centre Val de Loire

Welcome to our network!