Erasmus+ Call for Proposals 2017 out now

EU educationThe Erasmus+ Programme 2017 Call for Proposals is now out, as well as the 2017 Erasmus+ programme guide.

The total budget earmarked for this call for proposals is estimated at EUR 2,157.1 million. Find more information about different key actions and indicative budget here below.

Erasmus+ Programme – Call for Proposals 2017

50 ideas for a better Europe

European Youth Event 2016For the best ideas for Europe’s future, why not ask the next generation? In May 7,000 young Europeans gathered in Strasbourg for the second European Youth Event (EYE) during which they discussed how to best tackle the many challenges facing Europe. Fifty of the best ideas have been collected in a report.

Ideas include making it easier for young Europeans to explore the EU-wide job market, unifying entrepreneurship resources and requirements to help young businesses get started as well as pooling energy resources and investing in smart-grids in order to satisfy Europe’s growing energy demands.

EYE 2016 Ideas Tree
EYE 2016 Report

Save the date: EUNET Annual Conference and General Assembly 2017

EUNET Annual Conference and General Assembly 2017The Annual Conference and General Assembly of EUNET 2017 will take place from
Thursday October 19th
to Sunday October 22nd 2017 in Budapest (Hungary).

Registration will open in 2017. There is no reason to try to make any pre-registrations. A new system for the registration will be introduced to secure one place per member organisation in the Annual Conference.

Conference website

European Year of Cultural Heritage proposed for 2018

European Year of Cultural HeritageThe European Commission has proposed 2018 as the European Year of Cultural Heritage.

Europe’s cities and landscapes are marked by physical memories of the past. Castles, bridges and archaeological wonders are some of the most quintessential examples. Traditions, languages and art passed through the generations shape our everyday lives.
Because cultural heritage is so central to Europe’s identity and due to the grave threats it faces in conflict zones, the European Commission considers that the time is right to celebrate cultural heritage in 2018.
The year will highlight what the EU can do for conservation, digitisation, infrastructure, research and skills development.

Integration of Refugees and Migrants through Education

integration-of-refugees-and-migrants-through-educationEducation and training can support the necessary holistic inclusion strategy for socio-economic and political integration of refugees and migrants in the fabric of the host countries. Education is a public good and a human right, and in theory, few are those who doubt the importance of education as a powerful tool for social cohesion.

In practice however, we see commitment to inclusive education and lifelong learning opportunities often falling short. In its latest Position Paper on Integration of Refugees and Migrants through Education, the LLLPlatform calls on EU Member States and other relevant actors to take responsibility, comply with international laws and ensure integration of refugees and migrants into host societies using the educational tools provided in EU law and frameworks.