2010 – 60th anniversary of the Schuman declaration (Scy-Chazelles)


8 April – 10 May 2010 

09052010More than 500 European young people from the 27 member countries of the European Union will attend the meeting of the Fathers of Europe and the Promoters of their countries’ democracy in order to reassemble the scattered elements of the SAGA OF THE EUROPEAN IDEA: the major stages of the history of European Integration, the values, the visions, the projects of the European pioneers, human rights, democracy, etc. They will also prepare a lively spectacle related to the fabulous saga of Europe, which will be presented Sunday 9 May, European Day.

This project contains the following main stages:

  • 8 April – 5 May: the delegations prepare themselves for the epic
  • 5 May – 7 May: journey to Scy-Chazelles (see details concerning transport and visits inthe document of the general presentation)
  • 8 May: celebration of peace: participation in the four forums about the future of Europe
  • 9 May: celebration of Europe in Scy-Chazelles (Schuman), Houjarry (Monnet), Rhöndorf(Adenauer) or in Strasbourg (European Parliament)
  • 10 May: return to the places of depart

On 8 May 2010, the day of the celebration of Europe, every participant will meet in the Museum Robert Schuman in Scy-Chazelles to speak about the issues which are dear to their hearts and to think about the future of the European Union within four different forums in which also political and European personalities and experts participate.
The participants write propositions for theEuropean institutions.

On 9 May the participants will be separated into four delegations which will present the epic in the House of Jean Monnet in Houjarray, in the House of Konrad Adenauer in Bad-Honnef – Rhöndorf, in the European Parliament in Strasbourg and in the Museum Robert Schuman in Scy-Chazelles.

Participants: 150 French (5 participants per European house) and 260 young people from the other countries of the European Union (among them one responsible for eachdelegation)
Age: 18 – 27 (30) years old
Participation fees: Maximum 100€ per participant; see further information with your correspondent
The participation fees contain transportation, accommodation, food andpedagogic and cultural programme

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