EUNET – Blog project “First Time Voters” – European Elections 2014

General idea

The idea is to set up a blog to gather as many different voices as possible from young people who will be eligible to vote in the European election 2014 for the first time.

ep_elections_largeMany members of EUNET will do projects connected to the European elections within the next 12 month or will realize projects with young people who will be first time voters in May 2014 for the European Parliament. This blog project will not create something totally new but sets up a EUNET‐platform to show and multiply what youngsters have to say in different countries in local seminars, trainings and youth projects about the European elections. So the project will be more or less a collection of different voices from as many member organisations of EUNET as possible.

Aim of the project

By setting up this platform we will achieve different goals:

  • We provide a public platform for first time voters to express their attitude and their opinion about the European election 2014
  • We provide a public platform where other first time voters have the opportunity to learn about the views of their peers in different countries about the European election 2014 and compare them to their own
  • We multiply the voice of first time voters to politicians and show them what young people think about the European election 2014
  • We provide a tool for all members of EUNET which can be used in projects connected to the European elections, stimulating discussions, share different opinions etc.
  • We set up a joint project in our network and work collaboratively with different member organisations thus strengthening the ties between the EUNET members and increase the network structure.
  • We multiply the (local) work of the members of EUNET involved in the blog project and disseminate their European activities

Get yourself, your organisation and your participants involved and check out the document below on how it is done.

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