Call for participants – Citizens in the EU: new ways and opportunities of political participation

EAOThe Europäische Akademie Otzenhausen is organising an international three day workshop on new ways and opportunities of political participation from September 13th to 16th 2014 as part of the newly designed French-German-Dialogue (DFD)

The DFD will offer a forum for exchange of information and experience for 30 citizens politically active in civil society, who deal with cross-border issues at different levels and use various – institutionalized and non-formal tools and instruments of political participation.
The objective is to systematize challenges and to propose possible solutions on the basis of practical experience, which could result in joint projects.
Challenges, concrete approaches to solutions and projects will be presented at a public event at the end of the three-day workshop and critically discussed at a round table with scientists, decision-makers and the general public.

You will find below the concept and registration form for the seminar in English, French and German.

EAO - Concept new ways and opportunities of political participation
EAO - Konzept neue Wege und Möglichkeiten der demokratischen Teilhabe
EAO - Concept nouvelles voies et possibilités de la participation démocratique

Application form
Formulaire de candidature