Waves of Democracy 2015

Waves of DemocracyThe Summer Academy Waves of Democracy 2015 – will be held in Soenderborg DK in July for the fifth time, following seminars in Rhodes/Brandbjerg, Novi Sad, Belgrade and Soenderborg. We now have a base at The University of Southern DK, Alsion – a great venue in the border region of Slesvig Holsten.

Up to 100 young people from more than 25 countries in Europe, the US, Russia and the Middle East will meet to further develop a platform for dialogue, discuss scenarios for an intercultural Europe, create narratives in the form of storytelling, and interact with inhabitants and tourists. To combine “old-fashioned” political discussion with new tools of creativity and performance.
We hope to set up models and agendas for inspiration and work, at a time when euroscepticism is rising. Important topics will be : Environment and Sustainability, Migration and Mobility and History and Memory, topics which will be dealt with in a variety of forms, and hopefully will provide new input for the ongoing discussion of how to support and strengthen civil society and give young people a stronger voice in the decision-making.

The seminar is conducted in cooperation with local partners, The Municipality of Soenderborg, The University of Southern Denmark and New Europe as well as with EUNET partners: Centre Européen Robert Schuman, Maison de l´Europe de Rennes et Haute Bretagne, Europa-Haus Marienberg, The House of Europe in Rhodes, EUTIS and MEP Serbia.
It is sponsored by funds and the Erasmus+ program.

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