Position Paper: Implementing Erasmus+ better!

Erasmus+The Erasmus+ programme is a unique funding opportunity and a great step forward to modernise education policies at the local, national and European level.  To embrace its full potential, the LLLPlatform believes that the programme could benefit from more clarity, a stronger lifelong learning approach and a fairer budget distribution, in order to have a greater added value.

Moreover, policy development and civil society cooperation should be better supported in order to increase its policy impact and relevance. Considered to be one of the success stories of the European construction, the programme and its successor require a bigger investment from EU Member States to broaden its positive impact. We thus strongly call for a set of adjustments on the Erasmus+ programme to improve its efficiency as well as for a stronger and more ambitious programme for 2020 building on the success of its predecessors.

LLLPlatform Position Paper Implementing Erasmus+ better