Call for Partners: Strengthening the potential of local youth councils in the European Union countries

The Polish Robert Schuman Foundation is searching for a partner to join Erasmus +  strategic partnership in the field of youth.

The aim of the project is to strengthen the potential of local youth councils by co-creating the new approach and methods which help them to have more influence on the decision-making process and to engage representatives from different social groups in youth councils.

A youth council is an institution that allows for conducting regular dialog between local authorities and young people, and provides space for implementation of various types of projects for the youth in local communities. The activity of the youth council should provide a bridge between local authorities and young people living in a given region. The council should also provide the youth with a tool to participate in making decisions concerning the shape of the nearest vicinity.

Project results:

  • Diagnosis of youth participation in selected locations (challenges, obstacles etc.)
  • Increased impact of youth councils participating in the project on the development of local policies (communes, counties).
  • Increased competences and resources of the youth councils participating in the project.
  • Establishing international cooperation and exchange between the youth councils.
  • Two manuals/publications: one for youth councils and one for youth workers/youth council mentors with the recommendations from the project concerning how to increase the influence of youth councils on decision making-process in local communities.

Program: Erasmus+, Action 2, Strategic partnerships in the field of youth, deadline October 4. Estimated budget and duration of the project: approx. EUR 130,000, approx. 18 months.

Project partners: approx. 4 partners in total from countries having diversified experience concerning operation of youth councils. As local partners youth councils, local authorities, schools, youth organizations should be engaged. Project leader: the Polish Robert Schuman Foundation.

Planned actions:

  • trainings for youth workers to increase their work with youth councils
  • blended bilateral mobilities of youth councils
  • transnational partner meetings
  • preparation of manuals/publications
  • multiplier events

The project will require work on local level – cooperation with youth local councils, local authorities, schools, youth organizations and local communities – local researches and meetings to prepare the intellectual output and to apply new solutions.

If your organization is interested to join the partnership please contact us before 6th September.

Iga Kamocka
tel. (+48) 22 621 21 61