2011 – The Europe we need versus the Europe we want (Metz)

The annual conference and General Assembly of EUNET 2011 took place from October 13th – October 16th, 2011 at Metz (France).

Conference languages will be English, German and French. Please see programme for further details.

Organizied by

EUNET European Network for Education and Training e.V.
CERS Centre européen Robert Schuman (CERS)


With financial support from:

citizenship_de European Union
Directorate General Communication
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lign=”top” width=”500″>Committees (Language: EN) Plenary session (Languages: EN DE FR)

Meetings (Languages: DE FR)
Atelier (FR)
Arbeitsgruppe (DE)
Workshop (EN)
13.10.2011 Thursday
11:45 – 13:15 h Option for lunch at the self service restaurant of Etap’Habitat (6,50€)
13.00 h Supervisory board meetingRoom:
from 13.30 h on Arrival of participants
Robert Schuman -symbol for a united Europe
15:30 h Departure bus to Robert Schuman museum at Scy-Chazelles
16:00 h Welcome address by the head of the site
Jean-François Thull
Opening and welcome address by the president of EUNET
Catherine Guy-Quint
Robert Schuman – a life for Democracy and Europe Introduction
Richard Stock, CERS
17:00 h Visit to the Robert Schuman museum
Présentation multivision “Schuman, Monnet & Adenauer – Pères de l‘Europe” (französisch)
Ingo Espenschied, Visionie/Doku-live
18:00 h Visite du Musée Robert Schuman
Live-Multivisionshow “Schuman, Monnet & Adenauer – Fathers of Europe” (englisch)
Ingo Espenschied, Visionie/Doku-live
19:30 h Buffet dinner at the Robert Schuman museum
Welcome address by the President of the Conseil général de la Moselle
Patrick Weiten
20:30 h Departure for Metz
followed by Informal exchange
14.10.2011 Friday
9.00 h Intergenerational dialogue REPERES Introduction
Geneviève Saint Hubert, Maison de l’Europe Toulouse
9.30 h Practical interactive experience / workshops REPERES
Moi a ton âge…
Les jeunes à l’écoute des années qui ont changé l‘Europe
Me at your age…
Young people discover the 60 years which changed Europe
Ich in deinem Alter…
Junge Menschen erforschen die 60 Jahre die Europa verändert haben!
13.00 h Lunch
14:30 h Departure to Centre Pompidou-Metz
15.00 h Guided Visit (EN-DE-FR) to the Centre Pompidou-Metz
ERRE, Variations labyrinthiques (Grande Nef et Galerie 1)
Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec (Galerie 3)

17.00 h Welcome address by the Director of Centre Pompidou-Metz
Laurent Le Bon

followed by The Europe we need versus the Europe we want – an intergenerational approach
Panel discussion at the Centre Pompidou


Michael Stange, CERSSpeakers:
Paul Collowald
President de l’Association Robert Schuman
Arno Krause,
President Europäische Akademie Otzenhausen
Sanna Eliasson, Europahuset Gävleborg
Claudia Dombrowsky, Maison de l’Europe des Yvelines
Michael Kavuklis, The House of Europe in Rhodes
19:30 h Departure for Musée de la Cour d’Or à Metz
20.00 h Buffet dinner at the Musée de la Cour d’Or – grenier de Chèvremont
Welcome address by the President of Metz-Métropole
Jean-Luc Bohl
followed by Visit to the museum de la Cour d’Or
followed by Informal exchange
15.10.2011 Saturday
9.00 h General Assembly
10.30 h Coffee break
11.00 h General Assembly
13.00 h Lunch
15.30 h Plenary session2012: European Year of Active Ageing and Intergenerational Solidarity
17.00 h Coffee break
17.30 h Active European citizenship: what information and training policies 2014-2020?
Doris Pack, Chair, Committee on Culture and Education, European Parliament
18.30 h Closing of the Conference by the President of the CERS
19.30 h Dinner
followed by Informal exchange
16.10.2011 Sunday
9.00 h Committee meetings
Committee on Content and Methodology chaired by: Meike Gerboth
Council for Development and Cooperation chaired by: N.N.
Youth committee chaired by: Christian Höfer and Michael Stange
Committee on Migration and Intercultural affairs chaired by: Kilian Kindelberger
13.00 h Lunch
14.00 h Departure


How to get there


Conference venue


Etap’ Habitat
2 rue Georges Ducrocq
57070 Metz

Tél : 03 87 74 22 20
Fax: 03 87 75 33 03






Bruxelles Sud Charleroi
Navettes – Shuttle è Metz


Frankfurt – Hahn
Navettes – Shuttle è Metz


Frankfurt – Main
Trains – Züge è Metz
Deutsche Bahn


Karlsruhe – Baden-Baden
Navettes – Shuttle è Strasbourg


Navettes – Shuttle è Luxembourg-gare


Navettes – Shuttle è Metz
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Euroairport Mulhouse – Basel
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Paris – Beauvais
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Paris – de Gaulle
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Paris – Orly
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Paris – Vatry
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Navettes – Shuttle è Saarbrücken


Navettes – Shuttle è Strasbourg


Navettes – Shuttle è Zurich, Basel


Navettes – Shuttle è Saarbrücken (gare – Bahnhof -Train Station)


Railway stations


Central station of Metz:

Regional station TGV:
Louvigny – gare Lorraine TGV
(about 30km from Metz)

to Metz:http://www.rapidesdelorraine.fr/r:Votre_voyage/r:Navettes_A%C3%A9roport_Gare_Lorraine_TGV


Travel by train


from France
from Belgium from Luxemburg  from Germany from Switzerland 


How to get to the Hotel?


From the station:


By bus or car: cers_-_etaphabitat_a_600


Participation fee and travel cost

The participation fee is 150 € to be paid cash (in EURO) upon arrival.

Accommodation is in single rooms. Upon request you may be put up in a double room (see registration form).

Travel costs will be reimbursed according to the following rules:
up to 50€:                              no reimbursement
between 50€ and 300€:        the actual amount minus 50€
over 300€:                            250€

Reimbursements will be made by bank transfer after we have received the required documents from you.

EUNET will cover the cost for three nights (October 13th to 16th, 2011). All additional nights are on your own expense.

Important documents

iconRules for travel cost reimbursement

iconForm for travel cost reimbursement

iconHow to use the travel cost form

Video tutorial on how to use the travel cost form