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European Year 2012

Connecting the history of Europe with the history of Europeans

Aims of the project REPERES

REPERES is an innovative initiative for European citizenship training based on situating the family and personal history of the learner in the context of European integration history.

The aim of rooting historical, political, economic and cultural knowledge shared during the training in individual experience is to help the learners establish a personal connection with the European project and become part of it, being aware of their role and their ability to take action in their environment.

The training is based on the emotional context that underpins the choices, judgements and actions of learners, a dimension that is often underestimated or missing from education strategies when it comes to ‘transferring’ values. Recognising the emotional context of learning should not, however, lead us to forget that ‘complex societies cannot be held together solely by feelings like sympathy and trust, which are geared to the local sphere’ (Jürgen Habermas).

It is for this reason that during the REPERES training the learners will also have to develop basic citizenship education skills (judging, choosing, deciding, justifying, reasoning, discussing, supplying answers, committing, etc.) and also acquire skills in the areas of cooperation, communication and critical analysis.

The REPERES modules are available in English, German and French (see download links at the end of this page)

REPERES has been developed by a multidisciplinary European team:

Centre Virtuel de la Connaissance sur l’Europe (CVCE)
Marco Gabellini, Historian
Nadège Mougel, Project manager – Historian

European Network for Education and Training (EUNET)
Richard Stock, Vice-President
Thomas Heckeberg, Permanent Representative

Maison de l’Europe de Toulouse – Midi – Pyrenees (project initiator)
Geneviève Saint-Hubert, General Secretary
Claire Hugonnet, Project manager

The House of Europe in Rhodes
Anna Charitou, President
Maria-Eleni Sokianou, General Secretary

The specific approach adopted for the project REPERES

The aim was to establish a methodology for European citizenship training that would allow the trainees to:

  1. increase their awareness of the strong European link which unites them through the sharing of their family history and individual experiences;
  2. learn about European citizenship and its values;
  3. reflect together on an active commitment to citizenship.

Experience and ideas are shared via discussions between the learners prompted by personal accounts. True citizenship education takes place when the learners really get involved in the discussions, when they explore their past experience (on a personal level, the experience of family members or, failing that, of friends or public figures that have attracted their attention) and link it to the stages and values of European integration, when they seek to identify what unites them in diversity, etc..

REPERES is a tool that is perfectly suited to an intergenerational project.

On completing the training, the learners should begin to assimilate a new vision of European integration and their personal role in the process. This new vision is based both on their (or a) past experience and on the contribution of knowledge acquired during the training. The various teaching modules that make up REPERES allow the tutor to suggest ideas, concepts or theories to the learners when they are ready to compare their own experience and understanding with the values of European citizenship.

The tutor will have the complex task of helping the learners establish links between both their personal history (or their family history or that of the figures that they have chosen) and the history of European integration, and also between their emotions, judgements and prejudices and the true values of the European Union.

The modules REPERES

The REPERES modules form a coherent whole based on a learning progression. The main modules can be used as part of a full training scheme that takes place over 32 hours. The additional modules can be used if the learners request (or need) explanations, or as part of an overall strategy for active European citizenship training over 8 hours..

They can also be implemented separately and independently of each other.

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Terms of use 

Creative Commons Lizenz: CC-BY-NC-SA

Creative Commons Lizenz: CC-BY-NC-SA

Teaching is first and foremost about sharing, transferring and exchanging knowledge. This presentation may be used freely in conjunction with school-based and extra-curricular training conducted on a not-for-profit basis. Please cite the source!


The files (english version)

EN General presentation of the REPERES teaching modules
EN Methodological notes 1 - carrying out the training REPERES
EN Methodological notes 2 - pedagogy -didactics - learning REPERES
EN All files REPERES  (50 MB rar-archive)
EN All presentations REPERES  (36 MB rar-archive)
EN All explanatory notes REPERES  (10 MB rar-archive)

Die Dateien (deutsche Version)

DE Allgemeine Darstellung der didaktischen Module von REPERES
DE REPERES - Notiz zur Methodik 1 - Eine REPERES Weiterbildung leiten
DE REPERES - Notiz zur Methodik 2 - Pädagogik - Didaktik - Lehre
DE Alle Dateien REPERES  (70 MB rar-Archiv)
DE Alle Präsentationen REPERES  (41 MB rar-Archiv)
DE Alle erklärenden Notizen zu REPERES  (26 MB rar-Archiv)

Les fichiers (version français)

FR Note de présentation générale des modules didactiques REPERES
FR Note de méthodologie 1 - conduire une formation REPERES
FR Note de méthodologie 2 -pédagogie - didactique - apprentissage REPERES
FR Toutes les fichiers REPERES (110 Mo rar-archive)
FR Toutes les présentation des modules REPERES (75 Mo rar-archive)
FR Toutes les notices des modules REPERES (34 Mo rar-archive)

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