The EUNET office

The office of EUNET at Bonn existed since the establishment of the network in July 2004 and was part of an office community with Gesellschaft der Europäischen Akademien e.V. and Europäischen Akademie Nordrhein-Westfalen e.V. until end of September 2011.

Since October 2011 the office is located in Hennef (Germany).
The office offers enough space for board and workshop meetings, as well as for young Europeans who would like to do a European Voluntary Service at EUNET.

The seat of the association stays unchanged at Bonn.

Thomas Heckeberg

Thomas Heckeberg, Director of EUNET

Since the beginning of 2007 Thomas Heckeberg is the director of our network. He is the first contact and coordination point for the members of EUNET.

The tasks of our office are various and range from administrative management on local and European level to the point of consulting on call for proposals and add to the guidelines given by the General Assembly and the board for EUNETs work.


EUNET office in Hennef

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