Tool-kit on Xenophobia

Working Group “Tool-kit on Xenophobia”

The working group was terminated in October 2016

EUNET working group tool kit on xenophobiaOut of the idea of creating a simulation game on the topic of right wing extremism/ populism the working group developed the idea to create a tool-kit which consists of different modules which can be seen as single modules itself (module 1-4) or can be used as one simulation game (1-4 as introductions and 5-6 for the game).


  • The expression of populism in our everyday life
  • Stereotypes and prejudices: Introduction, definitions, games (e.g. using the simulation game “The Isle of Albatros”, “Plan B”)
  • Basics on the European Union
  • The power of media on our everyday life and, as a result, the meaning of different information and a lack of information through media
  • Simulation game on the topic of xenophobia with different roles
  • Debriefing of the simulation game


  • Raising awareness about populism in our everyday life
  • Developing empathy / personal experience concerning stereotypes/ prejudices/ xenophobia
  • Creation of a Tool-kit in English for EUNET members

Target groups

  • Civil society with special focus on young people with lower opportunities (easy texts,…)

What to do and when?

  1. Creating a platform where all interested members of EUNET can upload material

Platform already exists and first data collection has started:

  1. Collecting existing material with comments on their own experiences about the topic and already existing simulation games together with all interested EUNET members
  2. Creation of different workshops/ modules
  3. Adapting the developed modules into the different countries