Linkin’ Europe 2.0 – Old Europe, modern world

 Linkin EuropeA project in the framework of EUNET in cooperation with Europazentrum Graz , IUC Europe in Copenhagen, Maison de l’Europe de l’Haute Bretagne in Rennes and Europäischen Akademie Otzenhausen gGmbH.

Update: Project starts in May! Follow our debates on Facebook “Linkin’ Europe” right at the end of May!

Within the context of the project „Linkin’ Europe – Old Europe, modern world“ 4 EUNET Partners, the European Houses Rennes (F), Graz (A), Kopenhagen (DK) and Otzenhausen (D) between 11th and 30th May will carry out a concerted action with 25 students from every region in the respective home countries. We want to find out if we are able to really get in touch with each other, if we can broaden our perspectives and refine our intercultural communication and our cultural skills. We want to find out more about each other. Can we tackle the balancing act between the old and the modern Europe, without values and contents falling by?

We will write “old-fashioned” postcards, get connected on Facebook and discuss without loss of depth. We’ll give it a try!

Between 11th and 30th May our postcards will travel across Europe, we will get connected on our Facebook site “Linkin’ Europe”, to discuss different aspects of the European Union, worry and complain about it and being excited with it. Together we want to spot the rousing issues that will serve as a basic title for our upcoming international seminar in spring 2012 at the European Academy Otzenhausen.

How does Europe affect young people? Do they think Europe different in Denmark, Austria, France or Germany? What do they know about their common grounds or are there even dividing gaps? Is it true that a social network can trigger off political revolutions like in the Arab world, or better, connect people in a peaceful way? Can virtual worlds connect real people?

Can we the young people thus overcome distances not only geographically but also bridging the ethical, cultural and religious gaps, once considered so huge? So let’s explore the possibilities of social networking – does it build bridges solid enough to cross and meet and connect to each other in reality? Let’s grow together, into the society that we want, the society of the 21st century! Facing today’s issues – to be prepared for the challenges of the future.
The project doesn’t want to give answers, it wants to explore and pose exactly this question:
How do young people think and live, but far more important is the question, how do they engineer Europe?

All further information is available at the project site on facebook

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