Training Course “Teaching Solidarity”

“Teaching Solidarity”

Migration, Drama Games and Evaluation

The EUNET Youth Committee (YC) has planned for a training course form April 10th to April 14th 2016 at Gläntan konferens- och kursgård in the beautiful county of Gävleborg in Sweden.
The training course will meet the needs of young professional educators busy in the field of European Youth Education. The YC will organize this training, which will provide new insights into recent educational developments.
The course is open to participants of all ages.

Training Course 2015

Training seminar topics will deal with the refugee crisis, which is currently testing the EUs core values (solidarity, unity, diversity). We are currently facing that these values are under thread. We want to explore how exactly we can tackle the current situation in a fair and unprecedented way together with European youngsters.
We want to delve deeper into the methods of simulations and drama games to spark emphatic education that does not rely on cognition but fosters sensual involvement.

Along the lines of debriefing and evaluation we want to deal with supervision, group motivation, building of confidence, creation of positive learning atmospheres and educational room design.

All methods are designed to activate the participants. The methodical repertoire is orientated on the target group and shall support the engagement with the topic.
The aim is that participants will do many things by themselves and that they try things out. It is important to have a high variation of methods to keep the programme interesting and exciting and to cover the different needs of all participants.

Programme (including travel cost rules): Programme Training Course "Teaching Solidarity" 2016

Conference venue

Gläntan konferens- och kursgård

Gläntan konferens- och kursgård

The Training Course takes place at Gläntan konferens- och kursgård, roughly four hours north of Stockholm by bus. The conference centre is located in a remote area directly at the beautiful lake Mållången. Accommodation including full board will be in double rooms with shared bathroom.

Transportation from Stockholm Arlanda airport to Gläntan konferens- och kursgård and back will be provided free of charge.

Participation fee and travel cost

The participation fee is 150€ and will be collected in cash at the beginning of the training course.
Travel costs will be reimbursed by using this form up to a maximum of 250€ per person. You could find details on the travel cost reimbursement rules in the programme.

Shuttle bus Arlanda airport – Gläntan konferens- och kursgård

There will be a shuttle bus on April 10th at 16h at Stockholm Arlanda airport.
You can only participate in the training course if you make your travel arrangements in a way that you will be at the airport in due time to catch the shuttle bus. There is no other way to get to the conference venue.

Your return flight should not leave before 16h on April 14th. There is no way to to take a morning flight, since there is no way of transportation from the conference venue to the airport besides the shuttle bus.


Registration is closed! The training course is fully booked.

The number of participants is limited to 20 persons. Registration will be handled on a first come first served basis. Please don’t make any travel arrangements before you receive a confirmation that your registration had been accepted.

Please solely use this online form for your registration