2015 – Training Course Live Action Role Play

The EUNET Youth Committee (YC) has planned for a training weekend from April 9th to 12th 2015 at the Europahaus Marienberg meeting the needs of young professional educators busy in the field of European Youth Education. The YC will organize this training, which will provide new insights into recent educational developments.

Ralf Hüls CC BY-SA 2.0 de

Ralf Hüls CC BY-SA 2.0 de

Training seminar topics will concentrate on Simulations and the latest developments in the field of Mini-LARPs (Live Action Role Plays) – a relatively new and engaging method to activate participants of all age groups. Mini-LARPs puts participants into different scenes and scenarios to trigger empathy for certain political, cultural or social circumstances. It is a concept that focusses on a non-formal and holistic learning experience.

We will also learn how to evaluate this deep learning processes evoked by Mini-LARPs. Along the lines of debriefing and evaluation we want to deal with supervision, group motivation, building of confidence and the creation of positive learning atmospheres.

This international training weekend will also offer the chance of getting in touch with educators from all over Europe and share best practice experiences, as well as meeting partners for future projects.


There will be daily evaluations to find out about individual feelings, the group atmosphere and the status of the agreed aims of the project. There will also be time and place for criticism and new ideas. Non-formal learning methods. All methods are designed to activate the participants. The methodical repertoire is orientated on the target group and shall support the engagement with the topic.

The aim is that participants will do many things by themselves and that they try things out. It is important to have a high variation of methods to keep the programme interesting and exciting and to cover the different needs of all participants.


Participation fee 150 € (to be paid in cash at the beginning of the Training Course)
EUNET will cover your travel cost up to a maximum of 250€. (Reimbursements will be made by bank transfer after we have received the required documents from you)
The detailed rules for travel cost reimbursements are available here: Rules for travel cost reimbursements Marienberg 2015
Programme: Programme LARP Training Course Marienberg 2015
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