Working Group “Mobility”

The working group was terminated in October 2016


  • Job shadowing
  • exchange of good practises

Target: interested members of our network
Goal: exchange of good practises on the ground
Project: invite interested EUNET members to attend on a specific existing project + 2 or 3 days seminar
afterwards: exchange of good practises, evaluation, How to?, workshops etc. TO LOOK BACK! The idea is also to create a catalogue of good practises with reusable ideas during projects.

Next steps
EUNET working group MobilityInterested members of the network are willing to send a short description (in French, German and English) of the most outstanding project they’re leading in 2016.

During the next EUNET General Assembly (22-25 October), we will select the unanimous project we all want to attend and will thus start planning the 2-3 days seminar following the selected project.
Deadline: next GA (writing a solid project) + new ideas + application to get a grant (Erasmus + or EUNET?)