How to introduce (young) people to the EU-institutions

Working Group “How to introduce (young) people to the EU-institutions”

The working group was terminated in October 2016

EUNET working group how to introduce EU institutionsIntroduction
The topics EU-Institutions and the political System of the EU are mostly uninspiring, especially for young people. It is nevertheless very important for every Seminar about the EU, to start with a module about those subjects in order to give an understanding about the policy of the EU.
Many facilities offer a great many of teaching materials about the Institutions and the political system, but a lot of it is inappropriate for young people and those with little or no knowledge about the EU.

The goal of the working group is therefore, to screen and evaluate existing materials and to produce new materials regarding the following criteria:

The material should tell a story from the everyday life of the participants from the outcome back to decision making. The tasks and functioning of the EU-Institutions will become clear with the help of practical and plain examples (like roaming charges, mobility etc.).

The methods should be modern and well-adjusted to all target groups. To be considered are video clips, quizzes, short role-plays, fun-facts and comics, presented on a digital platform.

Outcome of the working group
will be a flexible module (60-90 Minutes) featuring a versatile method mix for different target groups.