Exhibition – Picturing the intergenerational dialogue within Europe


The year 2012 is dedicated to the intergenerational dialogue. This photo exhibition visualizes what the dialogue could mean in the different European countries. For each member country and for the represented candidate countries you can find furthermore a short summary of the demographic figures.

The exhibition is a joint project between different European organizations under the patronage of the European Network for Education and Training (EUNET). As the result of the pan-European competition “Picturing the intergenerational dialogue!” it brings together the photographic input from numerous participants from all over Europe. Professional non-profit organisations are as well represented as the ordinary citizen of Europe. With this selection of 51 pictures from 16 member countries of the European Union and two candidate countries, this photo project really attained a representative and “European” dimension.

yc_presentation_webThe awarded photo in the middle was taken by Katerina Hatzihristodoulou from the island of Rhodes, Greece.

The exhibition has been presented for the first time in October 2011 during the annual conference of EUNET in Metz, France.

From this date on just till the end of the year 2012 the photo exhibition will be hosted by multiple organisations all over Europe.
If your organisation is interested to host the exhibition it-self, you can find further information below.

Many thanks to all the people who turned in pictures for the contest and a special thanks to our youngsters from the Youth Committee who dedicated a lot of time, energy and creativity to make the contest and the exhibition happen.

Dispatch of the exhibition – how does it work?

generationsa3b_webAfter you have chosen a non-blocked period of time in the calendar below, please send a request for your selected period of time to Thomas Heckeberg at the EUNET office. He will send you a confirmation by email and will send you the exhibition by mail in due time and EUNET will pay for delivery.

At the end of your confirmed period of time, you will send the exhibition at your own expense directly and in time back to the EUNET office in Germany. Then, the exhibition will be send to the next registered European organization and so on.

The exhibition has the size of 2 meters wide and 1 meter high and it weights roughly 500g (without transportation box).

The exhibition is also available for download together with the A3 promotional poster to the right for self-printing.
If you want to print the exhibition in a larger scale, please get in contact with us to receive a high-resolution file for professional printing.

In a short form:

  1. select period of time
  2. get in contact with the EUNET office
  3. wait for confirmation
  4. exhibition will be delivered to you free of charge
  5. send back the exhibition on your own expense


iconExhibition (wide screen)

iconPromotion poster (A3)