2012 – Solutions by Re-thinking

Solutions by Re-thinking  the great debate 2050The great debate

Aarhus University June 1 – 3, 2012

A High Visibility Event during the Danish EU-presidency

 “For Europe, this is a moment of truth. Europa has to answer a decisive question. Do we want to lead, shaping globalisation on the basis of our values and our interests – or will we leave the initiative to others and accept an outcome shaped by them?” (José Manuel Barroso)

The Great Debate is a high visibility event in connection to the Danish EU Presidency in the first six months of 2012. All interested citizens, organisations, associations, companies, parties, think tanks and universities will have an opportunity to activate themselves and each other in the debate about the problems and possibilities we face in Europe towards 2050.

  • What are the key problems we need to tackle?
  • What do the solutions look like?
  • Who should make it happen?

In the period, June 1st -3rd 2012, 400 of the debate’s actors will meet at Aarhus University for an intense and untraditional event, Solutions by Re-thinking. In the wake of Solutions by Re-thinking, a broad range of suggestions and ideas for tomorrows’ solutions will be circulated all over the EU.

In 2050, we will be 9 billion people on Earth. Less than 5% will live in the EU. In the meantime, the world’s existing middle class will grow from its current level at 1.5 billion people to 4.5 billion. This will happen as soon as 2030 which is also the year where we, on a global scale, need to produce 45% more energy, 50% more foodstuffs and 30% more water.

Herein lies a call to everyone who believes that the EU has a lot to offer. The time is right for The Great Debate about the EU’s role in an increasingly globalised world.

Solutions by Re-thinking

Aarhus University, Sea Auditorium (Denmark)

1 -3 June 2012

400 specially invited guests from all over the EU. Students, scientists, business people, politicians and representatives from more than 200 of the EU’s civil organisations, associations and think tanks.

Participation is free. There will be catering for all 400 people, including sandwiches/salads on Friday night and Saturday + Sunday lunch and a formal dinner Saturday night. Furthermore we will provide travel reimbursements and free accommodations for 160 of the participants from the EU member states.

Solutions by Re-thinking is a part of the overall project The Great Debate which New Europe and Global Citizen are running with a number of partners and with support from the European Commission, The Danish EU Board and the Danish EU Presidency. Our members IUC-Europe and Centre européenne Robert Schuman are official project partners and co-organiser.

Solutions by Re-thinking will result in proposals for concrete solutions which can then be disseminated and discussed. The overall purpose is to keep bringing more and more EU actors together to develop new solutions. This underlines our ambition to make The Great Debate a lasting process.

Concerning participation in Solution by Re-thinking, please contact Jesper E. Hansen at jh@globalcitizen.net Concerning possible partnerships, sponsor agreements or press, please contact Søren Winther Lundby at swl@globalcitizen.net

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