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The “European Network for Education and Training e.V.”, shortly EUNET, is a network for European educational-facilities.

The network consists of Non-Governmental-Organisations that inform, educate or in any other way spreads the European Idea to teenagers and adults.

EUNET has the goal to intensify the experience-exchange, to increase the quality of the offers, to develop and distribute methodical-didactic materials as well as simulations and to make the activities of the EUNET-members visible to a wider public.

EUNET_2015_group_picture_1000pxEUNET is platform for the further education of permanent staff and honorary co-workers of European educational-facilities, as well as agency of the interests of educational and information-facilities opposite regional, national and European institutions and sponsors.
EUNET affiliates, coordinates and forces the different efforts of its members to advance the European integration and to especially integrate the citizens into this process and to make the events on European level more comprehensible.

Beside the numerous events of its members, EUNET initiates different European projects that are organised by our members and partners outside the network.

EUNET has participatory status with the Council of Europe and is member of the conference of international non-governmental organisations by the Council of Europe.

EUNET is member of the Lifelong Learning Platform, the European Alliance for the European Year of Citizens 2013 and Civil Society Europe.

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