2015 – Working Groups for Europe

EUNET is organising a working session “Working Groups for Europe″ from February 16th to 18th 2015 at the IBZ Schloss Gimborn (Germany).

IBZ Schloss Gimborn

What are the aims ?

Colloque Srebrenica 29 septembre-7 octobre 2014a: to discuss current issues with a view to establishing concrete working groups
b: to be a catalyst for strengthening activism and ownership (trigger ideas, link participants’ activities and projects together etc.); and
c: to come up with new creative solutions (how to involve, inform, motivate and mobilise the various actors where participants see the need etc.).

What do we want to achieve?

Colloque Srebrenica 29 septembre-7 octobre 2014The final goals are to implement new working groups and projects in our structure, to enhance the collaboration between our members as well as with external partners and to make our network more lively. In addition to that we want to get ready for the challenges Europe is facing, exchange best practices and jointly develop new ideas.

How do we get to the goals?

camerazoom-20130312102729015We will make use of various methods to bring together the different ideas and knowledge of the participants. Some of the topics are based on the brainstorming during our last General Assembly in Prague. Participants will be able to work on more than one topic and written reports will be produced to spread the word about the working groups / projects.

Who can participate ?

All persons from our members and befriended organisations who are involved in project work on a, more or less, day to day basis.

The participation is limited to a total of 20 persons on a first come first served basis.

What’s the language regime ?

You will need average English language skills to be able to listen and talk to each other. There will be no interpretation provided. The entire meeting will be conducted in English.

Is there a participation fee ?

No. We want your enthusiasm and working time.

How about accommodation ?

Accommodation will be in single rooms including all meals, starting with dinner on the first evening and ending with lunch on the last day.

Who will cover my travel cost ?

EUNET will cover your travel cost up to a maximum of 300€. You could find the rules for reimbursement here: Rules for travel cost reimbursements Gimborn 2015

What’s the schedule ?

Programme Working Groups for Europe


Turmbar at IBZ Schloss Gimborn

17:00h: introduction and update on EUNET issues by Thomas Heckeberg
17:30h: setting up the agenda
18:30h: dinner
20:00h: informal exchange at the “Turmbar”


9:00h: introduction of the methods
9:30h: working session
12:30h: lunch
working session
18:30h: dinner
working session


9:00h: plenary session
9:30h: working session
12:00h: final conclusions / evaluation
12:30h: lunch

How do I register ?

Please use the online form available here

How do I get to Gimborn ?

By plane

The closest airports to the meeting venue IBZ Schloss Gimborn are Cologne/Bonn and, but farer away, Düsseldorf. Please note that in both cases it is necessary to continue your journey by train. The station is Overath. From there a shuttle to the conference venue will be available if you indicate “shuttle service” in the registration form.

By train

The closest train station to the venue Gimborn is Overath. It’s easily reachable from both airports. Please note that there is no direct train connection from both airports. The travel time from Cologne airport to Overath is approximately 50 minutes, from Düsseldorf airport roughly one hour and 40 minutes.

Please see the website http://www.bahn.de/p_en/view/index.shtml for a detailed schedule and to buy your tickets.

There will be a shuttle on the 18th to bring you back to the train station.

By car

Address of venue: Schlossstraße 10, D-51709 Marienheide

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