EUNET Working Groups for Europe

EUNET is organising a working session “Working Groups for Europe″ from February 16th to 18th 2015 at the IBZ Schloss Gimborn (Germany).

IBZ Schloss Gimborn

What are the aims ?

Colloque Srebrenica 29 septembre-7 octobre 2014a: to discuss current issues with a view to establishing concrete working groups
b: to be a catalyst for strengthening activism and ownership (trigger ideas, link participants’ activities and projects together etc.); and
c: to come up with new creative solutions (how to involve, inform, motivate and mobilise the various actors where participants see the need etc.).

What do we want to achieve?

Colloque Srebrenica 29 septembre-7 octobre 2014The final goals are to implement new working groups and projects in our structure, to enhance the collaboration between our members as well as with external partners and to make our network more lively. In addition to that we want to get ready for the challenges Europe is facing, exchange best practices and jointly develop new ideas.

Read more on how we want to achieve the goals, the financial conditions and how to take part on our designated website.