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Apply now for the Czech-German Young Professionals Program (CGYPP)!

Czech-German Young Professionals ProgramThe Czech-German Young Professionals Program (CGYPP) is an international network for young professionals from Germany and the Czech Republic. The program links the fields of academia, business, media, public administration and NGOS.

The European Academy Berlin and the Association for International Affairs from Prague are inviting twelve young professionals from Germany and the Czech Republic to participate in a series of workshops and to collaborate on relevant economic, political and social issues. Participants have the opportunity to enter into discussion with distinguished experts and to acquire practical advice, ideas and stimulus for their future professional careers.

The program topic for 2017 “Solidarity, stability and security in post-factual times” will be analyzed and discussed

  • in Prague, 30 March to 2 April 2017
  • in Berlin, 8 to 11 June 2017 and
  • in the border region, 7-10 September 2017.

Those who are interested in current political and social questions as well as in cross-border and cross-sector networking can apply until 15 February 2017. Program language is English, candidates should have at least three years’ work experience.

More information can be found at and

Flyer Czech-German Young Professionals Program 2017

Candidates from the Czech Republic may send their application (letter of motivation and CV) to Zuzana Lizcova, Association for International Affairs, Prague (zuzana.lizcova[at]

Candidates from Germany may send their application to Claudia Rehrs, European Academy Berlin (cr[at]

We are looking forward to your application!

Public consultations on the Europe for Citizens Programme

Europe for CitizensThe European Commission (DG HOME) is currently preparing the mid-term evaluation of the Europe for Citizens programme 2014-2020 and has contracted Deloitte to conduct an external study for this purpose.

In this context, a public consultation in all official EU languages was launched.
The aim of this consultation is to collect views and opinions on the results and impacts of activities and projects co-financed by the Europe for Citizens programme between 2014 and 2016 and to assess their relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, coherence and EU added value.
Contributions are sought from individuals, programme stakeholders, public authorities, civil society, beneficiaries and non-successful applicants.

Deadline is April 10th 2017

European Commission public consultation on the Europe for Citizens programme (all EU languages)

In addition to this public consultation run by the Commission, Deloitte is conducting, as part of the  mid-term evaluation, a web-based survey focusing on three different stakeholder groups:

  • action grant beneficiaries,
  • operating grant beneficiaries
  • and non-successful applicants,

asking about first-hand experience with the programme.

Deadline is February 10th 2017

Deloitte survey on the Europe for Citizens programme (English only)

We would highly appreciate if you could take the time to respond to the public consultation and to the web-based survey.

Consumer Classroom Inter-school Competition 2016-2017

consumer classroomNowadays, pupils are familiar with the global fight against climate change towards a more sustainable world. Many of them are wise consumers in the fight against this world challenge, they have learned how to minimize waste and save water.
But are they aware of their impact as energy consumers? Young people won’t become wise consumers unless they learn how to improve their energy consumption.
The aim of this competition is to bring together secondary school teachers in Europe to create an innovative online project with their students on “Smart Energy Consumption”. So find out more, spread the word and register before 17 March 2017.

IH Sonnenberg: Call for participants Girls* specific youth education international

girlsworkOur member Internationales Haus Sonnenberg is looking for participants from Turkey, Ireland, Italy, Czech Republic, Croatia, Sweden and Germany for the multinational conference  ”Girls* specific youth education international” from December 9th to 12th 2016 in Sankt Andreasberg (Germany).

The target group are female* staff working in institutions focusing on  girls* work and girls*empowerment, pedagogues, multipliers of out of school education, teachers and interested female* students.
The conference is the final event of the project “Sound it out 2016 – European perspectives on gender equality and girls* specific youth education” and is funded by Erasmus Plus.
Please find below the invitation and programme for the conference:

IH-Sonnenberg Invitation and Programme for Conference Girlswork international 2016

For any further information please get in contact with Lea Pahl; phone  +49 5582 944 115

Idea Camp 2017: Moving Communities

Photo by Julio Albarrán

Photo by Julio Albarrán

Do you have an idea that fosters the Europe we believe in: a Europe of solidarity and openness shaped and nurtured by people? Apply for the Idea Camp 2017.

The theme this year is Moving Communities. 50 participants will be selected to join the 3-day Idea Camp in Spain in March 2017.
After the Idea Camp, participants will be invited to submit a concrete plan for further research or investigation of their ideas. A total of 25 proposals will be selected and consequently awarded an R&D Grant, up to a maximum of €10,000 each

Deadline to submit your idea is 20 September 2016.

For detailed information and to apply, visit European Cultural Foundation’s website: #IdeaCamp17