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Call for Participants: Education on Europe

Education on EuropeThe growing importance of the European Union for policy making shines a spotlight on the need for European Citizenship Education. Active European Citizenship requires an understanding of how politics works on the European level. Educational programs in this field do not reach enough young people.

Education on Europe is a program of the Robert Bosch Stiftung for citizenship educators on European issues. The program aims to create, try out and evaluate new approaches to make European integration and EU politics more accessible to learners. It fosters the emergence of concepts to reach young people not usually included in European political thinking.

The program is comprised of three consecutive phases:

  • Phase I is a one-year capacity building scheme for 15 practitioners from the field of citizenship education who are already working on European issues or are interested in doing so. It includes four seminars during which the participants share their experiences, learn from experts and create new ideas. At the core of this phase is one question: How do we make European issues more accessible to young people with little affinity to Europe?
  • Phase II starts with a competition in which the most promising ideas developed in Phase I will be awarded with a grant for a pilot project.
  • Phase III brings all participants together once more to evaluate the experiences and lessons learned from the pilot projects. We will share both successes and failures in order to draw conclusions for the emergence of citizenship education concepts capable of making European politics accessible to all young people. The results will be collected in a publication.

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Deadline for application is January 29th 2018

Your input is needed on the shrinking Civic Space in Europe

EUNET is member of Civil Society Europe (CSE), the coordination of civil society organisations in Europe, which gathers platforms and networks in various fields such as human rights, citizenship, education, culture, social rights, youth, disability, anti racism, development cooperation and the environment, amongst others. The main focus of CSE is to work on issues that are transversal to civil society organisations such as civil dialogue, civic space and access to funding.

CIVICUS MonitorA critical area for CSE work is highlighting increasing restrictions to the freedoms of association, assembly and expression of not for profit associations in Europe and raising awareness of EU decision-makers of the need for action. In order to support policy action, it is critical to gather sufficient data on this phenomenon.

For this reason, Civil Society Europe has launched in cooperation with Civicus an annual survey to map out key trends on civic space in Europe over the last year. The survey covers the European Union, the European Economic Area (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway), Switzerland, and the countries candidate to EU accession (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey).

The survey is open to civil society organisations at national (or local level).

We would like to ensure that the perspective of the the variety of the civil society is included, and therefore call on you to participate and disseminate within your network. Responding to the survey will take 10-15 minutes of your time. The findings will remain anonymous and will be made freely available for your information and use.

The survey runs until end of December 2017. Please disseminate widely

Please access  the survey in English here

Please access the survey in French here

Please access the survey in Italian here

Call for partners/participants – The Sound of YOUrope

IH Sonnenberg WinterSonnenberg Kreis e.V. is looking for participants for the International project ‘The Sound of YOUrope’ to be held at International House Sonnenberg (Germany) in December 2017.

After gaining first experiences in international out of school education on migration, human rights and current situation on refugees we will add a multipliers seminar for young people working or volunteering in your organisation to the project for 2017. The Youthmeeting on music and migration will still be part of the project. The long-term objective is to build a solid transnational network between organisations and young people who want to work in solidarity and for human rights.

Module 1: multipliers seminar – 1.-8. 12.2017
The participants will get to know methods of out of school education focussed on human rights, possibilities for different groups and minorities in Europe and the participating countries, EU politics on foreign affairs and refugees situation. After this week the participants are ready to take a next step as young multipliers; to assume parts of the programs of the following youthmeeting or to implement small projects on their own. We will fix everything we worked on in a brochure to take home (documentation).

Target group: 2 young people from each organisation (already working/volunteering there or being interested in taking more active roles in their organisations
Requirements: age between 18 and 26, advanced english skills
Participation fee: 250,- € per person, youthleader free of charge
Place: St. Andreasberg/Germany

Module 2: The Sound of YOUrope – International Youthmeeting on music and migration – 8.-15.12.2017
40 young immigrated and not immigrated people meet in the Harz Mountains to make music and discuss their own ideas and questions about migration in Europe and in the countries they live in. Based on questions the participants bring, we will build multinational groups to work on different aspects of the main topic. Central question to find these aspects will be: “What would be needed to make Europe YOUrope?”
Supported by experienced youth leader the groups will gain knowledge about the topics they are interested in (for example EU-foreign policy, situation of refugees in the participation countries, freedom of movement, protection of minorities in EU…), develop ideas to exert influence, exchange about their individual and national living conditions, empower each other and experience solidarity among the participants from all over Europe.
Moreover they will get the chance to work on their creative skills and creative way to express themselves in workshops on sound and music like Hip-Hop, creative writing, how to create your own Radio show, songwriting etc. Considering the question: “How should YOUrope sound” music and its power to connect people and as a means of expression will be a central aspect of the youthmeeting.
The highlight will be the final event which will include a discussion with local politicians and experts on EU-matters and migration, a presentation of the workshop-results in front of the local audience and a farewell-evening to celebrate and to say goodbye. The participants who take part in the radioworkshop will create an audiosegment to spread the results of the youthmeeting in the participants’ hometowns and virtual surroundings with support of local radio stations and webradio.

Target group: 8 young immigrated and not immigrated people from each organisation who are interested in the seminar topic plus one group leader from each country
Requirements: age betwee 15 and 21, basic english skills
Participation fee: 250,- € per person, youthleader free of charge
Place: St. Andreasberg/Germany

If you are generally interested in joining us as a partner, please contact us for further information until November 10th, 2017
Nanuka Chkhartishvili
(Bildungsreferentin / Educational staff member)
Tel./Fon: +49 (0) 5582/ 944 – 115
Fax: +49 (0) 5582/ 944 – 100

Poland and the European Union in 2035 – a scenario-workshop

A Scenario-Workshop held at the European Academy Berlin, September 29-30, 2017 in Berlin

Poland and the European Union in 2035The European Academy Berlin (EAB) in cooperation with the Institute of East-Central Europe (Lublin, Poland) cordially invites you to participate in the upcoming scenario-workshop onPoland and the European Union in 2035”. The workshop is part of the project “European Future Summits 2017 – social cohesion and transnational security”, which is kindly supported by the Federal Foreign Office of Germany.

The current workshop is designed for academics and experts as well as actors from the organized civil society who are deeply invested in research, policy making, or civic engagement regarding politics, economy and society in Poland and/or the politics and economy of the European Union.

The workshop’s objective is to elaborate Poland’s position in the European Union, the country’s future challenges and its options, as well as to draw conclusions from this debate regarding the future of European integration.

This indeed complex field of inquiry will be rendered manageable in the course of the workshop by jointly elaborating three future scenarios on the future of Poland and the European Union. The ‘Alternate Futures’ approach (according to Michael Oppenheimer) thereby serves as our general methodological guideline.

The results of our debate will culminate in a scenario report that will be presented to the public in November/December 2017. The workshop will be moderated by Dr. Samuel F. Müller (Programme Director at the EAB).

If you are interested in participating, we look forward to receiving a brief statement of interest, including your name and your professional affiliation. For registration, further information on the workshop as well as information on the entire project, please do not hesitate to contact Roksana Cywinska (, +49 30 895951-25). Please kindly consider that places in the workshop are limited.

Further information on the workshop can be found here:

Further information on the entire project can be found here: