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Call for partners: VET internship project

VET internshipLa Maison de l’Europe Le Mans is building a new project about VET youth internships in Europe, and is looking for partners abroad

The Maison de l’Europe lead a consortium of 9 VET establishment located in Le Mans and the county. All those establishments are proposing professional diplomas such as certificate of professional competences and professional baccalaureate.
All VET establishments would like to include in their training the opportunity for an internships in another country of the European Union in order to develop some skills like independence, skills in another language, another way of working…

The consortium will apply for Erasmus+ VET Internships in February 2018. If the project is accepted,  around 150 youngsters every year will be send in European internships.

Read the detailed project description including the financial framework and join the project!

ME Le Mans VET internship project

Call for partners/participants – The Sound of YOUrope

IH Sonnenberg WinterSonnenberg Kreis e.V. is looking for participants for the International project ‘The Sound of YOUrope’ to be held at International House Sonnenberg (Germany) in December 2017.

After gaining first experiences in international out of school education on migration, human rights and current situation on refugees we will add a multipliers seminar for young people working or volunteering in your organisation to the project for 2017. The Youthmeeting on music and migration will still be part of the project. The long-term objective is to build a solid transnational network between organisations and young people who want to work in solidarity and for human rights.

Module 1: multipliers seminar – 1.-8. 12.2017
The participants will get to know methods of out of school education focussed on human rights, possibilities for different groups and minorities in Europe and the participating countries, EU politics on foreign affairs and refugees situation. After this week the participants are ready to take a next step as young multipliers; to assume parts of the programs of the following youthmeeting or to implement small projects on their own. We will fix everything we worked on in a brochure to take home (documentation).

Target group: 2 young people from each organisation (already working/volunteering there or being interested in taking more active roles in their organisations
Requirements: age between 18 and 26, advanced english skills
Participation fee: 250,- € per person, youthleader free of charge
Place: St. Andreasberg/Germany

Module 2: The Sound of YOUrope – International Youthmeeting on music and migration – 8.-15.12.2017
40 young immigrated and not immigrated people meet in the Harz Mountains to make music and discuss their own ideas and questions about migration in Europe and in the countries they live in. Based on questions the participants bring, we will build multinational groups to work on different aspects of the main topic. Central question to find these aspects will be: “What would be needed to make Europe YOUrope?”
Supported by experienced youth leader the groups will gain knowledge about the topics they are interested in (for example EU-foreign policy, situation of refugees in the participation countries, freedom of movement, protection of minorities in EU…), develop ideas to exert influence, exchange about their individual and national living conditions, empower each other and experience solidarity among the participants from all over Europe.
Moreover they will get the chance to work on their creative skills and creative way to express themselves in workshops on sound and music like Hip-Hop, creative writing, how to create your own Radio show, songwriting etc. Considering the question: “How should YOUrope sound” music and its power to connect people and as a means of expression will be a central aspect of the youthmeeting.
The highlight will be the final event which will include a discussion with local politicians and experts on EU-matters and migration, a presentation of the workshop-results in front of the local audience and a farewell-evening to celebrate and to say goodbye. The participants who take part in the radioworkshop will create an audiosegment to spread the results of the youthmeeting in the participants’ hometowns and virtual surroundings with support of local radio stations and webradio.

Target group: 8 young immigrated and not immigrated people from each organisation who are interested in the seminar topic plus one group leader from each country
Requirements: age betwee 15 and 21, basic english skills
Participation fee: 250,- € per person, youthleader free of charge
Place: St. Andreasberg/Germany

If you are generally interested in joining us as a partner, please contact us for further information until November 10th, 2017
Nanuka Chkhartishvili
(Bildungsreferentin / Educational staff member)
Tel./Fon: +49 (0) 5582/ 944 – 115
Fax: +49 (0) 5582/ 944 – 100

Call for Partners: Strengthening the potential of local youth councils in the European Union countries

The Polish Robert Schuman Foundation is searching for a partner to join Erasmus +  strategic partnership in the field of youth.

The aim of the project is to strengthen the potential of local youth councils by co-creating the new approach and methods which help them to have more influence on the decision-making process and to engage representatives from different social groups in youth councils.

A youth council is an institution that allows for conducting regular dialog between local authorities and young people, and provides space for implementation of various types of projects for the youth in local communities. The activity of the youth council should provide a bridge between local authorities and young people living in a given region. The council should also provide the youth with a tool to participate in making decisions concerning the shape of the nearest vicinity.

Project results:

  • Diagnosis of youth participation in selected locations (challenges, obstacles etc.)
  • Increased impact of youth councils participating in the project on the development of local policies (communes, counties).
  • Increased competences and resources of the youth councils participating in the project.
  • Establishing international cooperation and exchange between the youth councils.
  • Two manuals/publications: one for youth councils and one for youth workers/youth council mentors with the recommendations from the project concerning how to increase the influence of youth councils on decision making-process in local communities.

Program: Erasmus+, Action 2, Strategic partnerships in the field of youth, deadline October 4. Estimated budget and duration of the project: approx. EUR 130,000, approx. 18 months.

Project partners: approx. 4 partners in total from countries having diversified experience concerning operation of youth councils. As local partners youth councils, local authorities, schools, youth organizations should be engaged. Project leader: the Polish Robert Schuman Foundation.

Planned actions:

  • trainings for youth workers to increase their work with youth councils
  • blended bilateral mobilities of youth councils
  • transnational partner meetings
  • preparation of manuals/publications
  • multiplier events

The project will require work on local level – cooperation with youth local councils, local authorities, schools, youth organizations and local communities – local researches and meetings to prepare the intellectual output and to apply new solutions.

If your organization is interested to join the partnership please contact us before 6th September.

Iga Kamocka
tel. (+48) 22 621 21 61

Call for partners: Sound it out! 2016

European perspectives on gender equality and girls* specific youth education.

Tagungshaus SonnenbergSonnenberg Kreis is looking for partner organisations to complete the partner constellation for the International project ‘Sound it out! International perspectives on gender equality and girls* specific youth education’ to be held in Germany (International House Sonnenberg, St. Andreasberg) and Croatia (Zagreb) in 2016. The project is to be implemented within the Erasmus+ Program.

Project idea
After gaining first experiences in international out of school education for girls* in 2014 and 2015 we now want to implement a project with different connected modules. We will complement the existing elements (multipliers seminar and girls* camp) with 2 modules for persons who are more in charge for the organisational and/or pedagogical parts in such projects or in the basic work of the participating organisations. The long-term objective is to build a solid transnational network between organisations who are or want to be involved in international educational work for and with girls* and young women.

Read the full project description below for more information and contact details.

IH Sonnenberg - call for partners Sound it out! 2016

III. Deutsch-Türkisches Wissenschaftsforum

Das deutsch-türkische Wissenschaftsforum findet am 6.-8. November 2014 zum dritten Mal in Antalya statt.

AKVAMAufgerufen durch unser Mitglied, das Zentrum für Europäische Studien der Akdeniz Universität (AKVAM) in Antalya und die Alice Salomon Hochschule Berlin treffen sich Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler aus Deutschland und der Türkei in Antalya.
Der diesjährige Schwerpunkt des Forums “Diversität in Gesellschaft, Gesundheit und Bildung” stellt auch eine Herausforderung der modernen Gesellschaften dar.

Die Teilnahme am Forum ist durch ein Referat bzw. eine Posterpräsentation möglich. Auch ohne einen Beitrag ist eine Teilnahme möglich. Sie ist gebührenfrei.
Durch die Wissenschafts-Partnerbörse, zum ersten Mal dieses Jahr ins Programm aufgenommen, können voraussichtlich neue deutsch-türkische Wissenschaftskooperationen starten.

Interessierte werden gebeten, das entsprechende Steckbrief-Formular an das Organisationskomitee zu richten. Informationen zu dem erforderlichen “Steckbrief-Formular” sowie der “Wissenschafts-Partnerbörse” sind hier zu finden

Türk-Alman İşbirliği Projelerinin Değerli Elemanları, “Türk – Alman Bilimsel İşbirliği Forumu” 6-8 Kasım 2014 tarihleri arasında Antalya’da üçüncü kez düzenleniyor.

Akdeniz Üniversitesi Avrupa Birliği Araştırma ve Uygulama Merkezi (AKVAM) ve Berlin Alice Salomon Uygulamalı Bilimler Üniversitesi (ASH) çağrısıyla, Almanya’dan ve Türkiye’den bilim insanları Forum için Antalya’da bir araya geliyor.
Planlanan bilimsel toplantının “Toplum, Sağlık ve Eğitimde Çeşitlilik” olan bu yılki özel konusu, modern toplumların sorunlarını ilgilendiriyor. Foruma katılım şekli bir bildiri veya bir poster sunumu olabilir. Herhangi bir görev üstlenmeden dinleyici olarak da katılım mümkün. Katılım ücretsizdir.

Bu yıl ilk kez gerçekleştirilecek “Bilim Ortaklığı Borsası” çerçevesinde yeni Türk-Alman bilimsel ortaklıklar başlatılabilir. Konuya ilgi duyan bilim insanları ve uygulayıcıların, proje tanıtım pusulası şeklinde hazırlanmış kısa proje özetini Forum Organizasyon Komitesi’ne ulaştırmaları yeterli. Bunun için gerekli olan ‘Proje Tanıtım Pusulası’ ve ‘Bilim Ortaklığı Borsası’ için ayrıntılı bilgilere