Call for partners: VET internship project

VET internshipLa Maison de l’Europe Le Mans is building a new project about VET youth internships in Europe, and is looking for partners abroad

The Maison de l’Europe lead a consortium of 9 VET establishment located in Le Mans and the county. All those establishments are proposing professional diplomas such as certificate of professional competences and professional baccalaureate.
All VET establishments would like to include in their training the opportunity for an internships in another country of the European Union in order to develop some skills like independence, skills in another language, another way of working…

The consortium will apply for Erasmus+ VET Internships in February 2018. If the project is accepted,  around 150 youngsters every year will be send in European internships.

Read the detailed project description including the financial framework and join the project!

ME Le Mans VET internship project