The ‘ Franco-German duo ’ and Europe as seen in cartoons (1945–2013)

On the anniversary of the signing of the Élysée Treaty, why not take a look at the CVCE’s updated publication on the ‘Franco-German duo’ and its influence on the history of European integration?

The ‘Franco-German duo’ and Europe as seen in cartoons (1945–2013) contains more than 400 press cartoons that offer a humorous, quirky interpretation of this important historical period in which a united Europe began to take shape, and reflects on more than 50 years of Franco-German cooperation. The rapprochement that began in the early years after the Second World War between France and Germany, two countries that had been long-standing enemies, followed a unique path.

As well as cartoons, this publication includes several other documents, resources and digital tools (an interactive timeline, short biographies and a bibliography). It is available in French, English and German.