Results open space event

In March 18 of our members had met to do a working session using the open space method.
The two main goals of the meeting had been:

  • to find out what our members and the network can do to be prepared for the elections of the European Parliament next year
  • to set up thematic working groups according to our new structure

The participants had been asked to bring forward topics which they find relevant and care for. The lack of an initial agenda guaranteed that nobody was left behind and was able to promote her or his topic.
We ended up with 14 proposals for workshop topics and managed to run 12 workshops, each for 1 1/2 hours, in one intensive working day.
All workshops prepared their own report, which were put together in one document with all the results at the end of the day.

Based on the reports the participants voted in the next morning to select the most relevant topics for another round of in-depth workshops. Additional reports had been produced.
Now we can look back on 16 workshops which lead to one single report of 37 pages called RESULTS.

You want to know what was discussed and what was proposed?
Download the document with the results here:
Results 400 days to go... March 2013

Curious on how the participants experienced the event?
Download the summary of the evaluation here:
Evaluation summary 400 days to go

What are the next steps?
In April and May EUNET will follow up on all workshop topics to see if we are able

  • to find more supporters for certain topics
  • to set up thematic working groups within our network
  • to see how we could develop concrete projects (with or without external funding) from the proposals
  • to decide what we use to apply for funding from the EP in 2014
  • to use the results for additional ideas and projects

Last but not least: A big thanks to all participants for all their ideas and commitment and to all people from the Europa-Haus Marienberg for their great hospitality.

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