Single Market Month: sharing ideas online to change Europe

xSinge_Market_Month_Logo_EN_0.png.pagespeed.ic.zDVFqahiCw23 September sees the launch of one month of online debates on jobs, banks, social rights, and e-commerce. Individuals, organisations and policy-makers will together trade ideas that could change Europe.

The EU is organising a vast online debate across Europe from 23 September to 23 October: to hear citizens’ ideas that can change the future of the Single Market.

Single Market Month will take place online and will be organised in 24 languages over the course of four successive weeks, with a different policy theme explored each week:

  • Jobs (23 – 25 September): How to find work, set up a business, or get qualifications recognised in Europe
  • Social rights (30 September – 2 October): Social-protection rights in the EU Single Market, pensions, healthcare, public services
  • Banks (7 – 9 October): Protecting deposits, preventing another financial crisis, making sure that banks invest in the real economy to foster growth
  • E-commerce (14 – 16 October): Selling products online, buying products and having them delivered to another country, protection of personal data on social networking sites.

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