“Building the future of learning”, the LLLPlatform’s new Manifesto

Manifesto LLLplatform Building the future of learningThe LLLWeek2015 was the opportunity for the LLLPlatform to launch its new Manifesto on Building the future of learning in Europe. ”A humanistic and holistic approach of learning, from cradle to grave, is of continued relevance in today’s world and a viable foundation for the rethinking of education in knowledge intensive societies”.

After the launch of its new visual identity and name in the context of its 10th anniversary, the Lifelong Learning Platform is proud to share its political Manifesto. Fed by all its members during a one-year consultation process, it is a call to policy-makers and educational actors from all over Europe to take action to make lifelong learning a reality for all!

EUNET is member of the Lifelong Learning Platform.

Manifesto "Building the future of learning"