Report by the European Parliament: Learning EU at school

EU educationThe Culture and Education Committee of the European Parliament published a new report on learning EU at school, underlining the increasing importance of a European dimension in education across the different disciplines, levels and forms of education, while stressing the need for a broad and in-depth understanding of the concept which takes into account its complex, dynamic and multi-layered nature, with learning about the EU at school being a crucial component.

In its report the committee points out how important education about the EU is – not only in schools, but for citizens of all ages. The report is a strong support for the activities of our members, who realized decades ago that an EU dimension in education is crucial to help citizens better understand – and reconnect them with – the EU and the need of understanding and promoting attachment to the fundamental values of the European Union.

The report is available below for download in English, French and German. It’s worth reading!

EP - Learning EU at school
PE - Apprendre l'Union européenne à l'école
EP - Erwerb von Kenntnissen über die EU an Schulen