Over €340 million proposed for the European Solidarity Corps

European Solidarity CorpsDuring a first phase launched in December 2016, eight different programmes were mobilised to offer volunteering, traineeship or job opportunities under the European Solidarity Corps. More than 30,000 young people have already signed up and the first participants have now started their placements.

The Commission is now proposing to equip the European Solidarity Corps with one single legal base, its own financing mechanism and a broader set of solidarity activities. This will help further increase its coherence, impact and cost-effectiveness. The Commission proposes to allocate €341.5 million to the European Solidarity Corps over the period 2018-2020, to enable 100,000 young Europeans to take part by the end of 2020.

Four kinds of activities are proposed to be supported by the European Solidarity Corps:

  • solidarity placements, including volunteering opportunities, traineeships and job placements
  • volunteering teams bringing together volunteers from different countries
  • solidarity projects – local initiatives involving at least 5 participants
  • networking activities to promote and develop the European Solidarity Corps.

The Council of the EU and the European Parliament need to agree to the proposal before it can enter into force. Until then, the current first phase of the European Solidarity Corps is running.

You can read more details in the press release, the accompanying questions and answers and our new factsheet.