New European Commission: Citizenship is back in the education portfolio

Europe for Citizens 2014EUNET welcomes the fact that citizenship is part of the same portfolio as education, culture and youth as laid out in the new structure for the next European Commission.
After a five years period in DG COMM the Europe for Citizens programme will most probably return back to DG EAC. In our opinion it belongs there, but there is a risk that the programme will be overwhelmed by the big programmes of DG EAC like Erasmus+ etc..

The fact that the Citizenship portfolio has been given to a member of Fidesz raises some questions about the willingness of the European Commission to tackle this important issue.
As stated in M. Navracsics’ mission letter making sure “Europeans can fully participate in society and empowering them to engage” is a sine qua none condition to build mutual trust and support with civil society.