Questionnaire on the place of women within the religions

Council of EuropeThe Conference of INGOs of the Council of Europe is considering the place of women within the various religions in Europe. The reason for this reflection reflects the challenges for civil society and human rights.

The European law states respect churches and religious communities as various European provisions, the European Convention on Human Rights, the Lisbon Treaty for Member States of the European Union. But also national laws protecting freedom of conscience and worship for nationals of member countries of the Council of Europe by ensuring equality between women and men. We wonder the fate of this equality among religions.

First, we propose a questionnaire to which we thank you for responding and distribute within your network, with your various contacts if possible for May 25, please find the link  :

Then, the result will be presented June 21 at the Council of Europe in an event “Religions are they a place of empowerment for women? Progress, setbacks?”

The survey is also available in French and German