Survey on European Union Financial Regulations

Civil Society EuropeThrough its working group on Civil Society Organisation recognition, Civil Society Europe has prepared a survey to collect NGOs views on the review of the financial regulations and rules of application of the European Union.
The questions are based on the European Commission open public consultation.

The purpose of the survey is to prepare some recommendations for responses to the European Commission consultation based on your responses, that each organisation can use for their individual input.

You can respond by May 8th. Results will be circulated  by May 13th, in order to feed in  your responses to the Commission questionnaire (deadline May 27th).

The survey does not cover all questions proposed by the Commission, but a selection of those that are more related to the work of NGOs. We have also added some further issues such as the eligibility of in-kind contributions as co-funding the ceiling of indirect costs (overheads).

There is also the possibility to add further comments.

Here is the link to the survey.

Please do not hesitate to share it within your organisation and with other colleagues.