Mapping Memories Summer School

Approaches to transnational commemoration / Apply now for our summer school in Tiflis, Georgia from 13 to 17 July 2016!

bpbIn this day and age, transnational cooperation and exchange constitute possibilities in commemorative work and also create the prerequisites for well-considered and future-oriented education strategies. The Mapping Memories event series thus continues to support transnational approaches and invites you to join the Summer School from 13 to 17 July 2016 in Tiflis, Georgia!

The Mapping Memories Summer School 2016, organised by the Federal Agency for Civic Education/bpb, invites practitioners involved in commemorative work to network, to undergo method-based advanced training and to engage in practise-! oriented discussions. The event will focus on memories and commemoration within the countries of the Eastern Partnership and beyond. It puts an emphasis on the topics flight, displacement and forced migration. In the field of commemorative culture, it is a matter of taking a closer look at the pitfalls, potential lack of clarity and nuances within one’s own work and of testing ways of simplifying transnational cooperation from multiple perspectives. This includes, for instance, a critical reflection of the terminology used in commemorative work and questioning what influence politics of memory have had on the commemorative debate and practical implementation of projects.

Due to its history and geographic location, the city of Tiflis was chosen to become the interactive area of experience and debate. Practical workshop modules are complemented by additional excursions and site visits, organised by local commemoration initiatives.

Who can apply?
Practitioners involved in commemorative work from different European countries. Applications from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and the Russian Federation are especially welcome.

You are:
• actively involved in the implementation or planning of commemoration projects with a focus or interest in transnational approaches. Your involvement can be either on a professional level or voluntary/ non-professional,
• especially encouraged to apply if your work focuses on memory culture in countries of the Eastern Partnership or/and the topics flight and forced displacement in historical contexts or may contribute to discussions on the topic,
• proficient in English (the summer school will be conducted in English)
• available for full attendance at the workshop, which will be held in Tiflis, Georgia, ! from 13 J uly (arrival) to 17 July (departure).

How to apply?
Please apply by filling out the online application form on our website. Within your application, you will be asked to indicate your motivation as well as fields of work and personal interests.
Click here for more information and to submit your application: