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Call for applications: Altiero Spinelli Prize for Outreach 2017

Altiero Spinelli PrizeThe European Commission launched an EU-wide contest for a prestigious “Altiero Spinelli Prize for Outreach: Spreading Knowledge about Europe“.

The Prize will reward outstanding contributions that communicate the EU -its founding values, history, action and key benefits- to wider society, enhance citizens’ understanding of the EU, broaden the ownership of the European project and build trust in the EU.

There will be:

  • six first prizes of 50.000 EUR
  • six second prizes of 30.000 EUR
  • ten third prizes of 17.000 EUR.

Who can apply
The prize is open to individuals or groups of individuals (natural persons). The individual applicant (or the group leader, in case of groups of individuals applying) must have at least a Master’s Degree and must, at the time of the application, be affiliated with a legal entity such as, for example, an academic institution, organisation, civil society organisation, company or other type of legal entity established and based in an EU Member State.

Eligible participants include scientists, artists, scholars/researchers, writers, journalists and all kinds of other actors who can contribute to articulating what Europe stands for today and tomorrow and why European citizens should “fall in love with Europe” despite its imperfections.

Registration of intention to apply is compulsory by 16 August 2017.
The deadline for applications is 02 October 2017.

Applications will be assessed in October 2017 and the Award Ceremony will be held in early 2018.

Detailed information on application procedure

Europe for Citizens: New Programme Guide 2017

The revised Programme Guide 2017 has now been published and includes the European Solidarity Corps as new feature of the Europe for Citizens Programme.

EN Europe for Citizens Programme Guide 2017
DE Europa für Bürgerinnen und Bürger Programmleitfaden 2017
FR L'Europe pour les citoyens Guide du programme 2017

Please note that the authoritative source of information is the English version. If there is any conflict between the translated versions and the English, the latter takes precedence.

On y va – auf geht’s – let’s go!

on y vaAre you involved in a Franco-German project and would like to extend the cooperation to include a third European partner?
Do you live in an EU-member state and want to realize a project idea with French and German partners?
Are you looking for a grant for your transnational, unconventional project?
Do you want to vote for your favourite project to win funding?

If so, then “ On y va – auf geht’s – let’s go” is just right for you!

For more information on the competition, including the conditions for taking part click HERE.

Click HERE to enter with your partners. Deadline is October 7th 2016

Idea Camp 2017: Moving Communities

Photo by Julio Albarrán

Photo by Julio Albarrán

Do you have an idea that fosters the Europe we believe in: a Europe of solidarity and openness shaped and nurtured by people? Apply for the Idea Camp 2017.

The theme this year is Moving Communities. 50 participants will be selected to join the 3-day Idea Camp in Spain in March 2017.
After the Idea Camp, participants will be invited to submit a concrete plan for further research or investigation of their ideas. A total of 25 proposals will be selected and consequently awarded an R&D Grant, up to a maximum of €10,000 each

Deadline to submit your idea is 20 September 2016.

For detailed information and to apply, visit European Cultural Foundation’s website: #IdeaCamp17

2016 Civil Society Prize

Civil Society Price 2016The 2016 Civil Society Prize will reward initiatives carried out by civil society organisations and/or individuals and aimed at improving migrants’ lives and fostering their integration in society.

The aim of the Civil Society Prize, which is awarded annually, is to reward and encourage tangible initiatives and achievements by civil society organisations and/or individuals that have made a significant contribution to promoting European identity and integration. Its overall objective is to raise awareness of the contribution that civil society organisations and/or individuals can make to the creation of a European identity and citizenship in a way that underpins the common values that shore up European integration.

Detailed information on the criteria and procedure is available on the EESC website.
The closing date for applications is 9 September 2016