CERS – call for participants: What does Europe stand for ?!

CERS is looking for participants for a multinational youth meeting “What does Europe stand for ?!” which will take place at Haus am Maiberg (Germany) from July 29th to August 10th 2013.

Enrolment until 1st May 2013

What does Europe stand for?!

The financial crisis that lasts since 2008 has strengthened the feelings of fear and uncertainty in many Europeans. The resulting negative atmosphere manifests itself in numerous protests against politicians and leads to social tensions. For many years, Europe was seen as an economic strength that stands for democracy, freedom and human rights. What is wrong with politics and economy today? What does Europe stand for in 2013?

The participants of this international youth meeting, who come from nine European countries, will discuss and reflect on s happening in Europe today. Your own viewpoints and arguments will be shared with other participants in the meeting during discussions. Every opinion counts! Yours as well. Taking part in this 14-day long youth meeting, you will experience Europe up close and personal. In the workshops we will talk about such topics as democracy, power, prejudices and discrimination.
Talking aside, we have also prepared a wide range of interesting activities that will give you new ideas and insights into these topics. And last but not least, you will have the opportunity to not only visit the European Parliament in Strasbourg, but also explore the beauty of Heppenheim. We can‘t wait to see you here!

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29th July – 10th August 2013

Haus am Maiberg Centre for civic education of the diocese of Mainz
Ernst-Ludwig-Str. 19 64646 Heppenheim
Tel. 06252 9306-0

How much?
The costs of accommodation, food, insurance, as well as of all kinds of fees, are included in the attendance fee.
We reimburse travel costs up to 70% of the price when confirmed with the tickets.
200 EUR for participants from Germany, France, Spain, Italy
150 EUR for participants from Poland, Czech Republic
100 EUR for participants from Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia

Which language?
English is the language of the seminar – you are expected to communicate freely in it

Contact: s.schwieren@haus-am-maiberg.de